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1997An Experience of Early Surgical Intervention for Neurofibromatosis Type Ⅱ박기현, 전영명, 조경기
1997Morphological Study of the Eustachian Tube in Mongolian Gerbil박기현, 전영명
1997The Significance of Fast Spin Echo MRI in Patients with Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss김선용, 박기현, 이진석
1997The Management of Facial Nerve Schwannoma박기현, 이진석, 전영명
1997Expression of PLC-r1 in Human Middle Ear Cholesteatoma박기현, 전영명, 황성철
1997Mitotic Activity of Tympanic Membrane and External Auditory Canal Skin in Normal Monogolian Gerbil박기현, 전영명
1997Clinical Values of HRCT for Diagnosis of Incus Dislocation박기현, 전영명
1997A Study of Rotation Test in Patients with unilateral Peripheral Vestibular Loss박기현, 전영명
1997Clinical Features of Cholesterol Granuloma in Temporal Bone고중화, 박기현
1997Hyperproliferative Characteristics in Human Deep Meatal Epidermis박기현, 전영명
1997Evidence of Hop Japanese pollinosis in Korea: IgE sensitization and identification of allergenic components.남동호, 박기현, 박해심, 이수영
1996Idiopathic Blue Eardrum: Treatment Result Analysis고중화, 박기현, 전영명
1996Normal Distribution of Lysozyme-Secreting Cells in Eustachian Tube of Mongolian Gerbil박기현, 전영명
1996The Effect of Laser Assisted Uvulopalatoplasty in Sleep Apnea Syndrome고중화, 박기현, 전영명
1996Experimental Cholesteatoma by Transplanting a Free Skin Graft in the Bulla of Mongolian Gerbil박기현, 전영명
1996Cytokeratin Expressions of Induced Cholesteatoma in Gerbil박기현, 박홍준, 전영명
1996Myrigoscopic Findings of the Tumorous Lesions in the Middle Ear고중화, 박기현
1996A Review of Seven Congenital Cholesteatoma of the Middle Ear박기현, 전영명
1996Cytokeratin Immunohistochemistry of open Cavity Mastoidectomized Skin박기현, 박홍준, 전영명
1996A Case of Papillary Carcinoma Arising i Thyroglossal Duct Cyst고중화, 박광화, 박기현
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