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2014The Colonial Production of Tropical Space in Congo -Unifying Historical Geography and Geology, Ecological Anthropology, and Tropical Medicine-이종찬
2014서구 중심주의 국제개발협력에 대한 인문사회과학적 성찰: 융합적 열대학에서 인류학의 실천적 역할이종찬
2013Medical Geography : Its Conceptual History and Historical Vision이종찬
201118세기 유럽의 열대탐험과 자국의 지평 - 自然史와 예술의 상보성이종찬
2011A Geo-Philosophical Investigation of ‘Green Growth’ and Its Place Identity이종찬
2010융합의 장소성(場所性): '유목'없는 '융합'은 가능한가이종찬
2009Investigating Ecological and Environmental History from the World History Perspective-How to Write it in Korea이종찬
2008Europe's Romantic Perception of Landscape and the Invention of the Tropicality: A Biogeographical Perspective of Literature and Paintings이종찬
2007유럽의 열대 자연에 대한 식물지리학적 발견이종찬
2007Financial Crisis and Structural Risk in Korean National Health Insurance - A History of Health Care Policy Perspective -이종찬
2005The Geopolitics of Tropical Diseases A Geo - epidemiological Perspective이종찬
2003Cultural Hegemony of Medicine in Modern China: Focused on Debates between Modernists and Neotraditionalists, 1900s~1930s이종찬
2003The Making of Hygienic Modernity in Meiji Japan, 1868~1905이종찬
2003Health care reform in South Korea: success or failure?이종찬
2002Medicine and Orientalism in the Late Nineteenth Century Korea이종찬
2000Emerging Currents in Health and Medicine - A Socio-Cultural Critique of Their Discourses and Practices -이종찬
1998The Life of Henry E. Sigerist : Academic Scholarship vs. Social Activism이종찬
1997The Life and Thought of Dr. Suh Jae-Phil(Philip Jaison) : Propagating Modern Ideas of Public Health and Sanitarian Hygiene이종찬
1997The Emergence of National Health Insurance in South Korea: High Politics and Low Policy이종찬
1996Professionalizing Public Health as a Branch of Medicine: The Emergence of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in the United States in the 1910s이종찬
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