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2008Retroperitoneal Ancient Schwannoma김선일, 김세중, 김영수, 이은주, 임현이
2008The Relationship between High-sensitive C- reactive Protein and Different Obese Types in Middle-aged Koreans김혜진, 박샛별, 이은주, 주남석
2008Effect of human placental extract on menopausal symptoms, fatigue, and risk factors for cardiovascular disease in middle-aged Korean women.박샛별, 이순영, 이은주
2008Sonographic differentiation of benign and malignant papillary lesions of the breast.강두경, 김선용, 김태희, 이은주, 임현이, 정용식
2007Sonohysterography-Guided Biopsy of Focal Endometrial Abnormalities: Technical Feasibility and Diagnostic Accuracy김미란, 이은주, 주희재, 황경주
2004Sonohysterographic Findings of Endometrial Abnormalities in Women with Polycystic Ovarian Disease이은주
2004A Case of Ovarian Steroid Cell Tumor with Obesity유희석, 이은주, 이정필, 장기홍, 주희재
2004Polypoid adenomyomas: sonohysterographic and color Doppler findings with histopathologic correlation.유희석, 이은주, 한재호
2002Ultrasonographic Diagnosis of Adnexal Torsion in Pregnancy김재근, 이은주
2002Usefulness of Sonohysterography in the Assessment of Myometrial Invasion in Endometrial Carcinoma유희석, 이은주, 주희재
2002The value of concurrent chemoradiotherapy in the treatment of loco-regionally advanced cervical cancer박영한, 유희석, 윤종혁, 이은주, 이정필, 장기홍, 전미선
2002Focal F-18 FDG uptake in a nontoxic autonomous thyroid nodule.김재근, 박찬희, 이은주, 주희재
2001Giant Seminoma Arising in Intraabdominal Undescended Testis Treated with Initial Chemotherapy: A Case Report김세중, 김장희, 김효철, 안현수, 이은주, 주희재
2001Radiotherapy Results in Stage IIB Uterine Cervix Cancer강승희, 오영택, 유희석, 이은주, 전미선, 주희재
2000Sonographic Findings of Ovarian Hemorrhage Presenting Acute Abdomen강해진, 서정호, 선주성, 이은주
2000Modified partial hyperfractionation in radiotherapy for bulky uterine cervical cancer: reduction of overall treatment time.강승희, 오영택, 유희석, 이은주, 장기홍, 전미선, 주희재
1999Sonographic Diagnosis of the Contralateral Ovary in Patients with Ovarian Tumor서정호, 이은주
1999Transvaginal Color Doppler Sonographic Findings of Retained Placenta서정호, 이은주, 주희재
1999Transvaginal Color Doppler Imaging of Uterine Contractions in Early Pregnancies: Significance of Uterine Contractions in Early Pregnancy Failure권혁찬, 서정호, 이은주
1999Usefulness of Sonohysterography in Differentiating Endometrial Cancer from endometrial Hyperplasia김민정, 유희석, 이은주
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