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Pub YearTitleAJOU Author(s)
2024CDK4/6 inhibitors induce breast cancer senescence with enhanced anti-tumor immunogenic properties compared with DNA-damaging agentsMUHAMMAD, IMRAN, 김영화, 박태준, 최용원, 최재호
2024Akt enhances the vulnerability of cancer cells to VCP/p97 inhibition-mediated paraptosis윤계순, 조미영, 최경숙
2024The LKB1–TSSK1B axis controls YAP phosphorylation to regulate the Hippo–YAP pathway강이중, 모정순, 이영수, 임수빈
2024Cellular senescence is associated with the spatial evolution toward a higher metastatic phenotype in colorectal cancer김영화, 김장희, 박순상, 박태준, 이영경, 임수빈, 최용원
2024SIRT1 ISGylation accelerates tumor progression by unleashing SIRT1 from the inactive state to promote its deacetylase activity김유선
2024NAMPT-Driven M2 Polarization of Tumor-Associated Macrophages Leads to an Immunosuppressive Microenvironment in Colorectal Cancer김유선, 윤계순, 이다근, 임수빈, 홍선미
2024Regulation of Hippo–YAP signaling axis by Isoalantolactone suppresses tumor progression in cholangiocarcinoma노태훈, 모정순, 임수빈
2024Multicolor Two-Photon Microscopy Imaging of Lipid Droplets and Liver Capsule Macrophages In Vivo곽종영, 이인정
2024Overcoming melanin interference in melanocyte photodynamic therapy with a pyrene-derived two-photon photosensitizer박태준
2024USP11 Modulates Mitotic Progression and Senescence by Regulating the p53-p21 Axis Through MDM2 Deubiquitination이재호
2023Dual inhibition of thioredoxin reductase and proteasome is required for auranofin-induced paraptosis in breast cancer cells조미영, 최경숙
2023An integrated single-cell transcriptomic dataset for non-small cell lung cancer임수빈
2023Cancer-associated fibroblast-derived secreted phosphoprotein 1 contributes to resistance of hepatocellular carcinoma to sorafenib and lenvatinib김석휘, 김순선, 김영배, 은정우, 임수빈, 정재연, 조효정
2023MARCH5-dependent NLRP3 ubiquitination is required for mitochondrial NLRP3-NEK7 complex formation and NLRP3 inflammasome activation강호철, 권명희, 유영석, 이재호, 조혜성
2023Single-cell insights into the dynamic tumor microenvironment changes during immunotherapy of non-small cell lung cancer임수빈
2023Senescent melanocytes driven by glycolytic changes are characterized by melanosome transport dysfunction강희영, 김진철, 박순상, 박영준, 박태준
2023Integrative multi-omics and systems bioinformatics in translational neuroscience: A data mining perspective임수빈
2023Multi-functional regulation of cGAS by the nuclear localization signal2 (NLS2) motif: Nuclear localization, enzyme activity and protein degradation이재호
2023Anhydrous Alum Inhibits α-MSH-Induced Melanogenesis by Down-Regulating MITF via Dual Modulation of CREB and ERK강성운, 박태준
2023Deleterious Mechanical Deformation Selects Mechanoresilient Cancer Cells with Enhanced Proliferation and Chemoresistance임수빈
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