Pub YearTitleAJOU
2007A pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of allergic diseases and chronic inflammatory diseases남동호
2010A pharmaceutical composition for the treatment or prevention of allergic disease and autoimmune disease, use thereof, and a method for treatment or prevention of allergic disease and autoimmune disease남동호
-An acidic buffer solution for manufacturing therapeutic immunoglobulin preparation, manufacturing method of therapeutic immunoglobulin preparation using the acidic buffer solution and therapeutic immunoglobulin preparation maid by this method남동호
2014Antibiotics allergy diagnosis kit comprising antibiotics-human serum protein conjugate박해심김승현
2018Composition comprising expression regulator for preventing or treating non-alcoholic fatty liver유민숙최정아,임인경
2013Composition for diagnosis of allergic rhinitis comprising agents determining lactoferrin expression level박해심김승현,예영민최길순
2007Composition for prevention, treatment and diagnosis ofchronic obstructive pulmonary disease남동호
-Cosmetic Composition for Prevention of Skin Senescence임인경김홍석,최옥란유민숙
2018Immune modulator for the control of airway immune dysfunction to bacteria-derived extracellular vesicles박해심박한기,최영우
2019Increasing red muscle mass through TIS21 gene expression임인경유민숙
2019Method for Diagnosing Isocyanate Occupational Asthma Using Periostin박해심이지호,최영우
2017Method for Diagnosis of Severe Asthma Using S1P and Sphingosine박해심김승현
-Nanovesicles derived from Bifidobacterium bacteria and Use thereof박해심
-Nanovesicles derived from Lactococcus bacteria and Use thereof박해심
2017Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating miRNA-34a related diseases comprising inducer or activator of TIS21 and screening method thereof임인경유민숙
2012Polynucleotides comprising single nucleotide polymorphism, microarrays and diagnostic kits comprising the same, and analytic methods using the same박해심김승현,예영민
2018Recombinant BTG2 protein and production method thereof유민숙임인경
-SNP gene for diagnosis of aspirin-induced asthma박해심김승현,예영민
-SNP gene set for diagnosis of aspirin-induced urticaria박해심김승현,예영민