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2024Comparative study on the age-related incidence of seborrheic keratosis and verruca plana in patients with verruca plana-like lesions강희영, 김진철
2024Targeting the dermis for melasma maintenance treatment강희영, 김진철, 박영준
2023Mid-old cells are a potential target for anti-aging interventions in the elderly강희영, 김영화, 김장희, 김진철, 박순상, 박태준, 윤계순, 이영경, 임수빈
2023Comparison of Melanocyte-Associated Immunohistochemical Markers in Acral Lentiginous Melanoma and Acral Benign Nevi김유찬, 김진철, 최지웅
2023Senescent melanocytes driven by glycolytic changes are characterized by melanosome transport dysfunction강희영, 김진철, 박순상, 박영준, 박태준
2023Factors predicting response to oral methylprednisolone tapering treatment in alopecia areata: A retrospective study김진철, 최지웅
2023Natural History of Nevus Depigmentosus: A Long-term Follow-up Study of 102 Cases강희영, 김유찬, 김진철, 이은소
2023Progression of Pre-Existing Vitiligo during Secukinumab Treatment for Psoriasis김진철, 이은소
2023Treatment outcomes and prognostic factors of motorized 0.5-mm micropunch grafting with a skin-seeding technique for 83 cases of vitiligo in children강희영, 김진철
2022A prospective study to evaluate the treatment effect of pulsed dye laser on thyroidectomy hypertrophic scars using 3D imaging analysis김유찬, 김진철, 최지웅
2022Association of chronic spontaneous urticaria with the first exposure to general anaesthesia김진철, 이은소, 최지웅
2022Unusual Case of Scalp Sarcoidosis with Alopecia: An Only Manifestation of Cutaneous Sarcoidosis without Systemic Involvement김진철, 이은소
2022Skin-Aging Pigmentation: Who Is the Real Enemy?강희영, 김진철, 박태준