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2018260: Diabetes and level of fasting blood sugar has no relationship to the development of subsequent penile prosthesis infection in Korean men추설호
2018333: Inflatable penile prosthesis surgery can be performed safely and with good patient acceptance under local anesthesia in a free-standing clinic추설호
2009A case of bladder rhabdomyosarcoma in an adult강석윤, 김세중, 주희재, 최용원
1996A Case of Emphysematous Pyelonephritis Successfully Treated with Medical Therapy김세중, 김영수, 김현만, 정윤석
2017A Case of Giant Hydronephrosis Hidden by Obesity in an 11-year-old Boy김현지, 배기수, 추설호
2003A Case of leiomyoma of female urethra김영수, 안현수, 오동근, 조대성, 최종보
1995A Case of Malignant Testicular Lymphoma with Diffuse Bilateral Renal Involvement김세중, 김효철, 박광화
1998A Case of Self-inserted Intravesical Newspaper during Masturbation.김영부, 안현수
2001A Case of Spontaneous Rupture of Renal Pelvis without Identifiable Cause Treated Conservatively김세중, 김영수
1999A Case Report of Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome권혁찬, 안현수, 오기석, 주희재, 황경주
1996A Clinical Analysis Of Esophageal Cancer김영수
2022A Multicenter, Open-Label, Observational Study Evaluating the Quality of Life After Using a Hydrophilic-Coated Catheter (SpeediCath) With Self-Intermittent Catheterization최종보
2007A proposal for a novel staging system in renal pelvicaliceal urothelial carcinomas.김세중
2015A prospective, observational study to assess the association between dry mouth and solifenacin treatment in patients with overactive bladder syndrome.최종보
2007A remote educational system in medicine using digital video.김선일
2007A safety and quality of life analysis of intravaginal slingplasty in female stress incontinence: a prospective, open label, multicenter, and observational study.최종보
2011A survey conducted on patients' and urologists' perceptions of benign prostatic hyperplasia.김선일
2008Adult Cystic Nephroma김선일, 김세중, 김윤범, 안현수, 정연구, 주희재
2014Age matching improves graft survival after living donor kidney transplantation.김선일, 김세중, 김흥수, 신규태, 오창권, 이수형
2007Age-specific prostate-specific antigen reference ranges in Korean men.김세중
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