Occupational & Environmental Medicine119

Pub YearTitleAuthor(s)
2021A comprehensive study of deaths due to exposure to humidifier disinfectant in Korea: Focusing on medical records, assessment of exposure to humidifier disinfectants, and causes of death신승수, 이순영, 이승호, 주영준
2011A prospective study of work stressors and the common cold.민경복
2010Age curves of bone mineral density at the distal radius and calcaneus in Koreans.민경복
2014Analysis of Variation in Total Airborne Bacteria Concentration to Assess the Performance of Biological Safety Cabinets in Microbial Laboratories황성호
2015Android and gynoid fat percentages and serum lipid levels in United States adults.민경복
2007Assessment of bioaerosols in the public buildings of Korea.박재범, 이경종
2020Association between change in working time arrangements and sleep disturbance박재범, 이경종, 정인철
2023Association Between Commuting Time and Subjective Well-Being in Relation to Regional Differences in Korea박재범, 이경종, 정인철, 정재혁, 조용혁
2016Association between employment status and self-rated health: Korean working conditions survey박재범, 이경종
2015Association between financial stress and mental health among lawyers박재범, 이경종
2011Association between job stress and insomnia in Korean workers.민경복
2011Association between Job Stress and mental health among Workers in a Large Company민경복, 박재범, 이경종
2008Association between Occupational Stress and Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Symptoms among White-collar Male Workers in an Automotive Company민경복, 박재범, 이경종
2016Association between occupational stress and psycho-social stress among lawyers박재범, 이경종
2021Association between split shift work and work-related injury and disease absence박재범, 이경종, 정인철
2019Association between the return-to-work hierarchy and self-rated health, self-esteem, and self-efficacy정인철
2013Association between total blood mercury and exhaled nitric oxide in US adults.민경복
2013Association between work-related health problems and job insecurity in permanent and temporary employees민경복, 박재범, 이경종
2005Association of cognitive status with functional limitation and disability in older adults.이경종, 이윤환
2021Association of Intensive Endoscopic Screening Burden with Gastric Cancer Detection김진홍, 노충균, 박범희, 박재범, 신성재, 이기명, 이길호, 임선교, 정재연
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