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2023Association Between Commuting Time and Subjective Well-Being in Relation to Regional Differences in Korea박재범, 이경종, 정인철, 정재혁, 조용혁
2021Effects of work organization on the occurrence and resolution of sleep disturbances among night shift workers: a longitudinal observational study박재범, 이경종, 이승호, 정인철
2021Association between split shift work and work-related injury and disease absence박재범, 이경종, 정인철
2020Association between change in working time arrangements and sleep disturbance박재범, 이경종, 정인철
2020Combined effect of emotional labor and job insecurity on sleep disturbance among customer service workers박재범, 이경종, 이승호, 정인철
2020Short rest between shifts and risk of hypertension in hospital workers박재범, 이경종, 이승호, 정인철
2019The association between dependent self-employment and self-reported depression/anxiety and sleep disorder in South Korea박재범, 이경종, 이승호, 정인철
2019Repeated measures study of the association between musculoskeletal symptoms and mental health in subway workers박재범, 이경종
2018Pulmonary Function Impairment From Exposure to Mixed Organic Solvents in Male Shipyard Painters박재범, 이경종
2018Exposure assessment of particulate matter and blood chromium levels in people living near a cement plant박재범, 이경종
2018Irregular work schedule and sleep disturbance in occupational drivers-A nationwide cross-sectional study박재범, 이경종, 정인철
2018Impact of near work on perceived stress according to working hours: The Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey VI (2013-2015)박재범, 이경종, 정인철
2018Effects of changes in occupational stress on the depressive symptoms of Korean workers in a large company: a longitudinal survey박재범, 이경종, 정인철
2018The association between Korean employed workers' on-call work and health problems, injuries박재범, 이경종
2016Association between occupational stress and psycho-social stress among lawyers박재범, 이경종
2016Noise Exposure Levels at the Cannon Shooting Range in South Korea박재범, 이경종
2016Relationship between culturable airborne bacteria concentrations and ventilation systems in underground subway stations in Seoul, South Korea박재범, 이경종
2016The association between Korean workers' presenteeism and psychosocial factors within workplaces박재범, 이경종
2016Association between employment status and self-rated health: Korean working conditions survey박재범, 이경종
2015Association between financial stress and mental health among lawyers박재범, 이경종
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