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Balachandran, Manavalan(Balachandran, Manavalan) Currently indexed
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2022Accelerating bioactive peptide discovery via mutual information-based meta-learningBalachandran, Manavalan
2022SCMTHP: A New Approach for Identifying and Characterizing of Tumor-Homing Peptides Using Estimated Propensity Scores of Amino AcidsBalachandran, Manavalan
2022Comparative analysis of machine learning-based approaches for identifying therapeutic peptides targeting SARS-CoV-2Balachandran, Manavalan, Basith, Shaherin, 이광
2022STALLION: A stacking-based ensemble learning framework for prokaryotic lysine acetylation site predictionBalachandran, Manavalan, Basith, Shaherin, 이광
2021SortPred: The first machine learning based predictor to identify bacterial sortases and their classes using sequence-derived informationBalachandran, Manavalan
2021Mapping the intramolecular communications among different glutamate dehydrogenase states using molecular dynamicsBalachandran, Manavalan, Basith, Shaherin, 신태환, 이광
2021Silica-coated magnetic nanoparticles activate microglia and induce neurotoxic d-serine secretionBalachandran, Manavalan, Basith, Shaherin, 신태환, 이광
2021Silica-coated magnetic-nanoparticle-induced cytotoxicity is reduced in microglia by glutathione and citrate identified using integrated omicsBalachandran, Manavalan, Basith, Shaherin, 강엽, 김아영, 백은주, 신태환, 이광
2021Decrease in membrane fluidity and traction force induced by silica-coated magnetic nanoparticlesBalachandran, Manavalan, Basith, Shaherin, 신태환, 이광, 이다연
2021Umpred-frl: A new approach for accurate prediction of umami peptides using feature representation learningBalachandran, Manavalan
2021BERT4Bitter: A bidirectional encoder representations from transformers (BERT)-based model for improving the prediction of bitter peptidesBalachandran, Manavalan
2021Integrative machine learning framework for the identification of cell-specific enhancers from the human genomeBalachandran, Manavalan, Basith, Shaherin, 이광
2021NeuroPred-FRL: an interpretable prediction model for identifying neuropeptide using feature representation learningBalachandran, Manavalan
2021StackIL6: a stacking ensemble model for improving the prediction of IL-6 inducing peptidesBalachandran, Manavalan
2021Critical evaluation of web-based DNA N6-methyladenine site prediction toolsBalachandran, Manavalan
2021Computational prediction of species-specific yeast DNA replication origin via iterative feature representationBalachandran, Manavalan, Basith, Shaherin, 신태환, 이광
2021Computational prediction and interpretation of cell-specific replication origin sites from multiple eukaryotes by exploiting stacking frameworkBalachandran, Manavalan
2021Meta-i6mA: An interspecies predictor for identifying DNA N6-methyladenine sites of plant genomes by exploiting informative features in an integrative machine-learning frameworkBalachandran, Manavalan, Basith, Shaherin, 이광
2020Extremely-randomized-tree-based Prediction of N(6)-Methyladenosine Sites in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeBalachandran, Manavalan
2020Metabolome Changes in Cerebral IschemiaBalachandran, Manavalan, Basith, Shaherin, 신태환, 안정환, 이광
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