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2010Ankle Arthrodesis using Cannulated Screws & Hybrid Type Rigid External Fixation in Diabetic Charcot Neuroarthropathy한경진, 한승환
2010Pseudomallet Finger Caused by an Osteochondroma from the Distal Part of the Middle Phalanx in a Child - A Case Report -이두형, 조재호, 한경진
2010Complex Limb Trauma with Neuro-Vascular Injury한경진
2010Simultaneous reconstruction of quadriceps tendon rupture after TKA and neglected Achilles tendon rupture.민병현, 오경수, 이두형, 이용석, 조재호, 한경진, 한승환
2009A Comparison of Sugar Tong Splint and Radial Gutter Short Arm Splint after Closed Reduction of Distal Radius Fracture조재호, 한경진
2008Trapezial Fracture in Golf Player - Case Report -조재호, 한경진
2008Surgical Treatment of Intercondylar Fractures of the Humerus with Poste-rior Plates조재호, 한경진
2008Surgical Treatment of Transolecranon Fracture-Subluxation of the Elbow조재호, 한경진
2007Plain Radiographic Study Lunate Morphology: TypeⅠVersus TypeⅡ한경진
2007Anatomic Analysis of Rectus Femoris Functional Flap in Korean이두형, 조재호, 한경진, 한승환
2004Pseudoaneurysm after tibial nailing.원예연, 한경진
2003Bone morphogenetic protein-2 facilitates expression of chondrogenic, not osteogenic, phenotype of human intervertebral disc cells.한경진
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