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Pub YearTitleAJOU
2004Change of an egg allergen in a white layer cake containing gamma-irradiated egg white.이수영
2005Changes in the antigenic and immunoglobulin E-binding properties of hen's egg albumin with the combination of heat and gamma irradiation treatment.이수영
2002Changes in the antigenic and immunoglobulin E-binding properties of hen's egg albumin with the combination of heat and gamma irradiation treatment.이수영
2016Clinical and laboratory findings of childhood buckwheat allergy in a single tertiary hospital정경욱이수영
2017Clinical characteristics and causative food types of immediate-type cow's milk and egg white allergy in children정경욱이수영
2013Clinical characteristics and diagnostic value of specific immunoglobulin E antibodies in children with kiwi fruit allergy이정민이수영
2011Clinical Characteristics of Walnut Allergy and Evaluation of Cross-Reactivity between Walnut and Peanut in Children Under 4 Years of Age이정민이수영
2019Clinical Efficacy of Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy from Patient and Physician Perspectives신유섭이수영
2014Clinical experience in managing patients with hereditary angioedema in Korea: questionnaire survey and a literature review이수영
2016Clinical Significance of Component Allergens in Fagales Pollen-Sensitized Peanut Allergy in Korea정경욱이수영
2013Comparison of specific IgE antibodies to wheat component allergens in two phenotypes of wheat allergy.이정민신유섭,예영민이수영,박해심
2007Comparison of the changes of the antigenicities of a hen's egg albumin by a gamma and an electron beam irradiation.이수영
2005Comparison of VIDAS Stallertest and Pharmacia CAP assays for detection of specific IgE antibodies in allergic children.이수영
2011Consumer`s Use and Satisfaction of Allergic Food Labels이수영
2000CpG oligodeoxynucleotides can reverse Th2-associated allergic airway responses and alter the B7.1/B7.2 expression in a murine model of asthma.이수영
2000Diagnosis and Management of Food Allergy이수영
2007Effect of cosensitization with buckwheat flour extract on the production of house dust mite-specific IgE.이수영
2001Effects of gamma radiation on the allergenic and antigenic properties of milk proteins.이수영
2004Epidemiological change of atopic dermatitis and food allergy in school-aged children in Korea between 1995 and 2000.이수영
2018Epidemiology of food allergy in Korean children이수영
2016ERRATUM: Author's English name correction. A single hospital survey of anaphylaxis awareness among health care providers and medical students예영민반가영,김지혜신유섭,박해심이수영
2016ERRATUM: Correction of explanation for footnote in Table 3. Clinical experience in managing patients with hereditary angioedema in Korea: questionnaire survey and a literature review이수영
2018Etiology and clinical feature of oral allergy syndrome in children정경욱이수영
2006Evaluation of Anti-allergic Effect of Bifidobacteria in Murine Model of Peanut Allergy이수영
2009Evaluation of reduced allergenicity of irradiated peanut extract using splenocytes from peanut-sensitized mice.이수영
1997Evidence of Hop Japanese pollinosis in Korea: IgE sensitization and identification of allergenic components.박해심남동호,이수영박기현
2017Food allergy in children: focus on IgE-mediated food allergy이수영
2004Food sensitization in infants and young children with atopic dermatitis.유재은이수영
2004Food-induced Anaphylaxis이수영
2012Fulminant and Fatal Multiple Organ Failure in a 12-Year-Old Boy With Mycoplasma pneumoniae Infection박세진배기수,이장훈이수영
2003Genetic susceptibility to food allergy is linked to differential TH2-TH1 responses in C3H/HeJ and BALB/c mice.이수영
2005Genetically modified and wild soybeans: an immunologic comparison.이수영
2012Guidelines for the Oral Food Challenges in Children이수영
2006High body mass index and dietary pattern are associated with childhood asthma.이수영
2014Humidifier disinfectant-associated children's interstitial lung disease.이수영
2011Identification of major rice allergen and their clinical significance in children이수영
2013IgE mediated food allergy in Korean children: focused on plant food allergy.이수영
2015IgE reactivity to carbohydrate moieties of glycoproteins in wheat allergy.이수영
2017IgE-mediated food allergies in children: prevalence, triggers, and management이수영
2018Immunoglobulin E-binding Proteins of Cooked Walnuts in Korean Children정경욱이수영
2012Incidence and Clinical Characteristics of Pediatric Emergency Department Visits of Children with Severe Food Allergy이수영이정민
2019Infantile Anaphylaxis in Korea: a Multicenter Retrospective Case Study이수영정경욱
2013Inhalation toxicity of humidifier disinfectants as a risk factor of children's interstitial lung disease in Korea: a case-control study.이수영
2015KAAACI Work Group report on the management of chronic urticaria예영민박해심,이수영
2019Maternal Perinatal Dietary Patterns Affect Food Allergy Development in Susceptible Infants이수영
2016Microbiome research in food allergy and atopic dermatitis이수영
2001Murine model of atopic dermatitis associated with food hypersensitivity.이수영
2005Murine model of buckwheat allergy by intragastric sensitization with fresh buckwheat flour extract.이수영장영주
2001Oral administration of IL-12 suppresses anaphylactic reactions in a murine model of peanut hypersensitivity.이수영
2011Oral food challenges in children이수영
2014Oral immunotherapy for the treatment of immediate type food allergy이수영
2013Overview of anaphylaxis in Korea: diagnosis and management이수영박해심,예영민
2019Patients’ and doctors’ perspectives on allergen specific immunotherapy in Korea신유섭이수영
2002Pilot study of mass screening for Wilson's disease in Korea.이수영장재연,김순남
2018Pine nut allergy in Korean children: Clinical characteristics and diagnostic values of specific IgE against pine nuts이은주정경욱,이장훈이수영
1998Pollen Sensitization and Clinical Significance in Childhood이수영
2003Prediction of buckwheat allergy using specific IgE concentrations in children.이수영
2015Prenatal Particulate Matter/Tobacco Smoke Increases Infants' Respiratory Infections: COCOA Study.이수영
2017Prevalence and Causes of Childhood Urticaria이수영
2015Prevention of food allergy in infants: recommendation for infant feeding and complementary food introduction이수영
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