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Pub YearTitleAJOU
2006Impact of Smoking and Alcohol Intake on Bone Mineral Density in Men주남석공미희,김범택박샛별,이태영김광민
2014Increase of glucocorticoids is not required for the acquisition, but hinders the extinction, of lithium-induced conditioned taste aversion.김규남김범택
2010Ketonuria after fasting may be related to the metabolic superiority.주남석이득주,김광민김범택,김찬원김규남
2008Lifestyle Characteristics, Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease among Workers in Kyeongki-do김춘자박재범,김범택
2008Medical Cost and Hospital Visit by Obesity and Central Obesity주남석박래웅,김범택
2012Medical Education of North Korea김범택
2012Medical Teacher: Monster or Mystery?김범택
2007Non-HDL Cholesterol as a Risk Factor of Metabolic Syndrome in Korean Women김범택
2008Reference Value for the T-score in Osteoporosis Diagnosis by Health Screening Subjects최승화박일중,주남석김범택
2012Relationship of plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 gene 4G/5G polymorphisms to hypertension in Korean women김규남김광민,김범택주남석,조두연이득주
2005Role of neuropeptide Y and proopiomelanocortin in fluoxetine-induced anorexia.김범택
2014Selective inhibition of cytochrome P450 2D6 by Sarpogrelate and its active metabolite, M-1, in human liver microsomes조두연김범택
2012Serum gamma-glutamyltransferase as a risk factor for general cardiovascular disease prediction in Koreans김광민김범택,이득주박샛별,주남석김규남
2012Serum total bilirubin concentration is inversely correlated with Framingham risk score in Koreans김광민김범택,박샛별조두연,제상현김규남
2001Sexual dimorphism in vertebral fragility is more the result of gender differences in age-related bone gain than bone loss.김범택
2012Stress-responsive hypothalamic-nucleus accumbens regulation may vary depending on stressors김범택
2011The arcuate NPY, POMC, and CART expressions responding to food deprivation are exaggerated in young female rats that experienced neonatal maternal separation.김범택
2006The Impact of Weight Cycling on Heart Rate Variability주남석공미희,김광민박샛별,이태영김범택
2012The influence of exogenous fat and water on lumbar spine bone mineral density in healthy volunteers김규남김범택,김광민박샛별,주남석제상현,이득주
2006The Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome according to the Degree of Glucose Metabolism Impairment공미희김범택,김광민
2003The structural and hormonal basis of sex differences in peak appendicular bone strength in rats.김범택
2013Total testosterone and sex hormone-binding globulin are associated with metabolic syndrome independent of age and body mass index in Korean men.김규남김범택,이득주김광민
2014Unique features of non-obstructive emphysema and pure airway obstruction.신승수선주성,박주헌김광민,박샛별김범택,정윤정정우영,이규성박광주,황성철
2011Vitamin K supplement along with vitamin D and calcium reduced serum concentration of undercarboxylated osteocalcin while increasing bone mineral density in Korean postmenopausal women over sixty-years-old.제상현주남석,김광민김범택,박샛별조두연,김규남이득주
2011Women with fibromyalgia have lower levels of calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese in hair mineral analysis.김영상김광민,이득주김범택,박샛별조두연,서창희김현아,박래웅주남석
2005광주시보건소 뱃살탈출 3060사업김범택
2001남녀간의 부피골밀도, 골크기에 대한 연구김범택
2005동반질환 유무에 관계없이 비만 환자에 대한 리모나반트의 체중감소 효과와 안전성을 평가하기 위한 무작위배정, 이중맹검, 위약대조, 평행군, 고정용량(리모나반트 20mg), 다국가, 다기관 임상시험(RIO-ASIA)김범택
2004비만환자에서 메실산시부트라민의 유효성 및 안전성을 평가하기 위한 염산시부트라민과의 이중맹검, 무작위배정, 다기관 공동, 비교임상시험김범택
2000이중맹검, 평행군, 위약대조 시험법에 의한 비만환자 치료시 시부트라민의안전성과 유효성을 평가하기위한 제 3상 임상시험김범택
2000이중맹검, 평행군, 위약대조 시험법에 의한 비만환자 치료시 시부트라민의안전성과 유효성을 평가하기위한 제 3상 임상시험김범택
2006일상 진료 상황에서 비스포스포네이트에서 포사맥스 플러스로 전환한 골다공증 환자의 전반적인 만족도를 조사하기 위한 관찰연구김범택
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