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1999Expression of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in Hepatocellular Carcinomas김명욱, 김욱환, 소의영, 왕희정, 진윤미
1999Role of Serum Hepatocyte Growth Factor in Gastric Cancer Patients김명욱, 김욱환, 이재호, 조용관, 한상욱
1999Diagram for Easy Determination of the Fat Emulsion Amount in Total Parenteral Nutrition김명욱, 홍정
1999The Effects of Intrasplenic Transplantation of Hepatocytes on Rats with Acute Liver Failure Induced by a 90% Hepatectomy김명욱, 김욱환, 왕희정, 이재호, 진윤미, 한상욱
1999Modification of Hyperacute Xenograft Rejection of a Porcine Kidney by Serial Organ Perfusion of Canine Blood Through the Pig's Liver and Kidney김명욱, 오창권, 왕희정
1999Significant correlation between serum level of hepatocyte growth factor and progression of gastric carcinoma.김명욱, 김욱환, 이재호, 조용관, 한상욱
1999Hepatocellular carcinoma with tumor thrombi in the bile duct.김명욱, 김욱환, 김진홍, 왕희정
1998Risk Factors for Lymph-Node Metastasis in Early Gastric Carcinomas김명욱, 조용관, 한상욱
1998Clinicopathological Study of Resected Gallbladder and Bile Ducts with Anomalous Pancreaticobiliary Ductal union (APBDU)김명욱, 김욱환, 김진홍, 유병무, 정용식, 진윤미
1998A Case of Splenic Embolization Followed by Splenectomy with Preservation of Accessory Spleen in Gaucher’s Disease김명욱, 김현주, 소의영, 임현이
1998Dimethylnitrosamine-Induced Liver Cirrhosis and Expression of Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF), its Receptor c-Met, and the Transforming Growth Factor (TGF)- β 1 in Sprague-Dawley Rats김명욱, 김욱환, 왕희정, 이재호, 정민권, 조혜성, 진윤미, 한상욱
1998A Case of Ovarian Mucinous Cystadenoma, Borderline Malignancy in Pediatric Patient김명욱, 주희재, 홍정
1998Role of Hepatocyte Growth Factor, Met, and E-cadherin in the Progression of Gastric Carcinomas김명욱, 김욱환, 이재호, 조용관, 주희재, 한상욱
1998Biodistribution of Intrasplenically Transplanted Hepatocytes in the Rat김명욱, 김욱환, 왕희정, 이재호, 진윤미, 한상욱
1998Comparison of the Differences of Gastric Emptying Time after Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeries Using the Acetaminophen Method김명욱, 김욱환, 조용관, 한상욱
1998Glomus Tumor of the Stomach - 1 Case report김명욱, 주희재
1998Microsatellite Instability in Korean Hepatocellular Carcinoma using Fluorescent - PCR김명욱, 왕희정
1998Prognostic Value of CEA and CAl9-9 in Serum and Peritoneal Washing Fluid in Gastric Carcinoma김명욱, 임영애, 조용관, 한상욱
1998Can clamping of splenic vessels prevent abrupt increase of portal vein pressure and migration of transplanted hepatocytes to the liver after intrasplenic hepatocyte transplantation?김명욱, 김욱환, 왕희정, 이재호, 한상욱
1997A Case of Graves' Disease associated with Myasthenia Gravis treated by Bilateral Subtotal Thyroidectomy and Total Thymectomy김명욱, 소의영, 정윤석, 주인수, 진윤미
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