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Pub YearTitleAuthor(s)
2023A Machine Learning Approach Using [18F]FDG PET-Based Radiomics for Prediction of Tumor Grade and Prognosis in Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor박용진
2021A standardized analytics pipeline for reliable and rapid development and validation of prediction models using observational health data박래웅
2023ADP-Fuse: A novel two-layer machine learning predictor to identify antidiabetic peptides and diabetes types using multiview informationBasith, Shaherin, 이광
2021Analysis of nanotoxicity with integrated omics and mechanobiologyBasith, Shaherin, 모정순, 신태환, 이광
2022Artificial intelligence and machine learning on diagnosis and classification of hip fracture: systematic review김정택
2023Artificial Intelligence for Neurosurgery: Current State and Future Directions김상현, 노성현, 조평구
2021Automated detection of acute myocardial infarction using asynchronous electrocardiogram signals-preview of implementing artificial intelligence with multichannel electrocardiographs obtained from smartwatches: Retrospective study임홍석
2021Biosignal-based digital biomarkers for prediction of ventilator weaning success박광주, 박주헌, 박지은, 정우영, 정윤정
2022Cerebrospinal Fluid Metabolome in Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple System Atrophy신태환, 이광
2022Clinicoradiological Characteristics in the Differential Diagnosis of Follicular-Patterned Lesions of the Thyroid: A Multicenter Cohort Study이다현, 하은주, 한미란
2023Development of a machine learning-based fine-grained risk stratification system for thyroid nodules using predefined clinicoradiological features이다현, 하은주
2023Effect of Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning on Prediction of Hip Fracture Risk: Systematic Review김정택
2022Effects of RETN polymorphisms on treatment response in rheumatoid arthritis patients receiving TNF-α inhibitors and utilization of machine-learning algorithms김현아, 정주양
2024Explainable multimodal prediction of treatment-resistance in patients with depression leveraging brain morphometry and natural language processing박래웅, 박범희, 손상준
2021Factors to improve distress and fatigue in Cancer survivorship; further understanding through text analysis of interviews by machine learning김지나, 안미선, 전미선
2020i4mC-Mouse: Improved identification of DNA N4-methylcytosine sites in the mouse genome using multiple encoding schemesBalachandran, Manavalan
2020i4mC-ROSE, a bioinformatics tool for the identification of DNA N4-methylcytosine sites in the Rosaceae genomeBalachandran, Manavalan
2020i6mA-Fuse: improved and robust prediction of DNA 6 mA sites in the Rosaceae genome by fusing multiple feature representationBalachandran, Manavalan
2018iGHBP: Computational identification of growth hormone binding proteins from sequences using extremely randomised treeBalachandran, Manavalan, Basith, Shaherin, 신태환, 이광
2022Machine Learning Approach Using Routine Immediate Postoperative Laboratory Values for Predicting Postoperative Mortality조재형
2023Machine Learning-assisted Quantitative Mapping of Intracortical Axonal Plasticity Following a Focal Cortical Stroke in Rodents김병곤, 박범희
2019Machine learning-based identification of hip arthroplasty designs김정택
2023Machine learning-based prediction model for postoperative delirium in non-cardiac surgery김하연, 박래웅
2022Oculomics for sarcopenia prediction: a machine learning approach toward predictive, preventive, and personalized medicine김범택
2023Osteoporosis Feature Selection and Risk Prediction Model by Machine Learning Using a Cross-Sectional Database김정택
2021Pparγ targets‐derived diagnostic and prognostic index for papillary thyroid cancer김수영, 김재형, 임수빈
2021Predictability of mortality in patients with myocardial injury after noncardiac surgery based on perioperative factors via machine learning: Retrospective study박래웅
2023Predicting Mechanical Complications After Adult Spinal Deformity Operation Using a Machine Learning Based on Modified Global Alignment and Proportion Scoring With Body Mass Index and Bone Mineral Density김상현, 노성현
2019Prediction of cognitive impairment via deep learning trained with multi-center neuropsychological test data문소영
2019Protein-Carbohydrate InteractionsBalachandran, Manavalan
2022Recent Trends on the Development of Machine Learning Approaches for the Prediction of Lysine Acetylation SitesBasith, Shaherin, 이광, 장혜진
2024Reduced lysosomal activity and increased amyloid beta accumulation in silica-coated magnetic nanoparticles-treated microglia이광
2022SCMTHP: A New Approach for Identifying and Characterizing of Tumor-Homing Peptides Using Estimated Propensity Scores of Amino AcidsBalachandran, Manavalan
2021Silica-coated magnetic-nanoparticle-induced cytotoxicity is reduced in microglia by glutathione and citrate identified using integrated omicsBalachandran, Manavalan, Basith, Shaherin, 강엽, 김아영, 백은주, 신태환, 이광
2021SortPred: The first machine learning based predictor to identify bacterial sortases and their classes using sequence-derived informationBalachandran, Manavalan
2021Tumor nonimmune-microenvironment-related gene expression signature predicts brain metastasis in lung adenocarcinoma patients after surgery: A machine learning approach using gene expression profiling고영화, 이현우, 한재호, 함석진
2021Umpred-frl: A new approach for accurate prediction of umami peptides using feature representation learningBalachandran, Manavalan