Pub YearTitleAuthor(s)
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2013A study of the hypertension-related knowledge, awareness and health behavior among hypertensive patients of CambodianLEAM, LIN
2015A study on attitude to DNR and terminal care performance of clinical nurse조정화
2005A Study on Nursing Profession and Attitudes Toward Death of Nurses임대순
2010A study on risk factors of skin integrity injury in the lithotomy position during the perioperative period김진영
2015A Study on Terminal Care Stress and Terminal Care Performance of Geriatric Hospital Nurses오진환
2016A Study on the Effects of a Telephone-Based Health Coaching Program on Mothers of Children with Atopic dermatitis홍소연
2013A Study on the Relationships Among Smartphone Addiction, Parenting Attitudes, Parenting Efficacy, and Parenting Behaviors of Mothers with Infants and Young Children김지혜
2016A Study on the Relationships among Somatization, Emotional Labor and Burnout in Nurses.이화숙
2015A Study on the Role Identification of Referral Center Nurses김경강
2013A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of the Effects of Exercise for Fall Prevention in the Elderly손연진
2016Affecting Factors on Stress of Clinical Practice in Nursing Students윤주희
2022Analysis of Nursing Interventions for Severe Trauma Patients before Operated in Trauma Center양성경
2021Analysis of Nursing Interventions in Trauma Bay for Patients with Severe Chest Trauma김동미
2011Analysis of pneumonia-related factors for inpatients in Stroke Unit김미연
2015Anger Expression Type and Mental Health of Clinical Nurses김경희
2014Associated Factors of Urinary Incontinence among community dwelling women beneficiaries of Long Term Care Service이종원
2021Association between sarcopenia and metabolic syndrome in community-dwelling adults김원선
2019Attitudes toward advance directives and family function among the elderly in the community임유순
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