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2006Effect of Transforming Growth Factor (TGF)-β and Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor (PPAR)-gamma in Endometrial Decidualization김미란, 장혜진, 황경주
2006Increased Incidence of Endometrial Polyps in Women with Endometriosis; the Association with Severity김미란, 안상태, 장혜진, 황경주
2006Role of ERK (Extracellular Signal Regulated Kinas) and PPARγ (Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Gamma) on TGF-β1 Induced Human Endometrial Stromal Cell Decidualization김미란, 장혜진, 황경주
2005Diagnosis & treatment guidelines of congenital mullerian anomalies황경주
2005Value of Laparoscopy in infertile women with normal hysterosalpingograms김미란, 유희석, 장석준, 장혜진, 황경주
2005Increased Proliferating Activity and Bcl-2 Protein Expression in Eutopic Endometrium with Endometriosis김미란, 장혜진, 황경주
2005Clinical Experiences of 7 Cases of Heterotopic Pregnancy김미란, 유희석, 장혜진, 황경주
2004Hysteroscopy Guided Diagnosis and Treatment:An Analysis of 8 Years Experience김미란, 김준형, 변영지, 황경주
2004Increased Proliferating Activity of Endometrium in Endometriosis김미란, 황경주
2003ATP-induced apoptosis of human granulosa luteal cells cultured in vitro.김미란, 황경주
2002The clinical efficacy of the low dose aspirin and corticosteroid treatment in patients with endometriosis who underwent in - vitro fertilization and embryo transfer ( IVF-ET )김미란, 유희석, 윤종혁, 황경주
2002HCG attenuates ATP induced apoptosis in cultured human luteinized granulosa cells ( hLGCs )김미란, 황경주
2002Twin Pregnancies: In Vitro Fertilization vs. Spontaneously Conceived김미란, 김행수, 양정인, 오기석, 유희석, 황경주
2002Laparoscopic management of ovarian pathologic lesions김미란, 안상태, 유희석, 황경주
2002Expression of integrins, cyclooxygenases and matrix metalloproteinases in three-dimensional human endometrial cell culture system.황경주
2001Endometriosis is closely associated with endometrial polyps; The effectiveness of hysteroscopy김미란, 오기석, 황경주
2001Apoptosis of human luteinized granulosa cell via change of mitochondria김미란, 황경주
2000Expression pattern of progesterone receptor, integrinβ₃, cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) in human endometrium of patient with the disease related implantation.권혁찬, 김미란, 오기석, 주희재, 황경주
1999A Case of Unruptured Non - communicating Rudimentary Horn Pregnancy Progressed to the Third Trimester of Pregnancy김행수, 양정인, 오기석, 이은주, 주희재, 황경주
1999The Effect of Overweight and Pregnancy on Endocrinologic Features and Glucose Metabolism in Patients with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome권혁찬, 박영한, 양정인, 오기석, 유희석, 황경주
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