Biochemistry & Molecular Biology33

Pub YearTitleAuthor(s)
-A composition for anti-cancer adjuvant comprising a RIP3 expression inducing agent or activator김유선
2016Anti-cancer supplement agent comprising flunarizine for glioma김인영, 최경숙
2015Anti-cancer supplement agent comprising polyether antibiotics for gliomas최경숙
2017Anticancer supplement composition comprising RIP3 activator구기방, 김유선
2018Anticancer supplement composition comprising RIP3 activator, Method for screening anticancer supplement agents inducing RIP3 expression for enhancing sensitivity to anticancer agents and method for monitoring sensitivity to anticancer agents구기방, 김유선
2018Biomarker composition for diagnosing cancer with mitochondrial dysfunction and method for diagnosing cancer using the same marker우현구, 윤계순, 이영경
2017Biomarker composition for diagnosing cancer with mitochondrial dysfunction comprising NUPR1 and method for diagnosing cancer using the same marker우현구, 윤계순, 이영경
-Biomarker composition for diagnosing cell senescence comprising UHRF1 and DNMT1변해옥, 윤계순, 이영경
-Biomarkers for diagnosing cancer and method for isolating cancer cell using the same김유선
-Composition and kit for cancer cell, and method for separating cancer cell using the same김유선
2018Composition comprising expression regulator for preventing or treating non-alcoholic fatty liver유민숙, 임인경, 최정아
2016Composition for preventing or treating tumor comprising proteasome inhibitor and dihydropyridine compound김인영, 최경숙
2017Composition for regulating cutaneous pigmentation derived from endothelial cells or secretory factors from endothelial cells and method for screening skin whitening agents강희영, 김미선, 박지윤, 박태준
2018Composition for regulating cutaneous pigmentation or skin whitening comprising SDF1강희영, 김미선, 박태준
2018Composition for skin whitening comprising clusterin강희영, 김미선, 박태준
2016Composition for treating pigmentary disorder or whitening skin through pleiotrophin modulation강희영, 박태준
-Cosmetic Composition for Prevention of Skin Senescence김홍석, 유민숙, 임인경, 최옥란
2019Increasing red muscle mass through TIS21 gene expression유민숙, 임인경
2015Kit and method for diagnosis of cell senescence김유미, 변해옥, 우현구, 윤계순
2017MARCH5 K40/54R mutant protein maintaining MARCH5 activity and increasing protein stability김송희, 박용예, 유영석, 조혜성
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