Publication YearTitleAJOU
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2016스마트폰 과다사용 대학생을 위한 인지행동치료 프로그램 효과최정은
2015Development of Resilience Scale for Nurses박미미
2015An Explanatory Model on Quality of Life in Patients with Hematologic Malignancy이아름
2015The Effects of a Reality Therapy for the Elderly with Depressive Disorder김진주
2015Development of Korean Intensive Care Delirium Screening Tool (KICDST)남애리나
2015Development of Thirst Assessment Checklist for Neurological Patients Based Upon Symptom Management Model배소현
2015Development of Clinical Ladder System of Nurses for Small and Medium Sized Hospital한영희
2015Development of outcome-based rubric for evaluating performance in nursing simulation이은희
2015Effect of Laughter Therapy Program for Obese Women: Stress, Psychoneuroendocrinoimmuno Response이도영
2015The effects of a laughter therapy program depression, and cognitive, and pulmonary function in elderly patients황명숙
2013Effectiveness of the Cogmitive Improvement Program for Alcohol Dependence Inpatients우주현
2012Effects of Modified ACT Program for the Psychiatric Rehabilitation of People with Severe Mental Illness김영희
2011Economic Evaluation of Hospital?]based Home Care Services for Patients with Diabetic Foot Diseases송종례
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2010A Grounded Theory Approach to the Adaption Process of the Spinal Cord Injuried Persons송충숙