Pub YearTitleAuthor(s)
201650세 이상 일부 성인의 대장내시경 검진 수행 관련요인정해숙
2013A Comparative Study of Patients’ Satisfaction after Prosthodontic Treatments조연정
2014A study of oral health care for the children with genetic disorder and chromosomal abnormalities곽미선
2011A Study of University Hospital Health care worker's relevant factors of Medical Waste Management Practices유주영
2014A Study on etiologic factors for tooth extraction and extraction age of patients visiting a university hospital dental clinic in suwon조선화
2012A study on health effects of VDT syndrome in hospital workers이승환
2013A Study on Internet Addiction in Male and Female Teenagers and Their Association with Feelings of Depression and Thoughts of Suicide이정임
2011A Study on Job Stress and Musculoskeletal Symptoms of 119 Rescuers주종만
2016A Study On Oral health Status and Hygiene management of Female students in Juvenile protection education institution곽현경
2012A study on patient's satisfaction with removable dentures임윤화
2017A study on planning for a second child according to employment status among married couples이은정
2016A Study on Relationship between Job Stress, Self-Esteem and Job Satisfaction of Dental Hygienist박성민
2015A study on relationship between subjective periodontal health status and objective periodontal index among adult정해림
2015A Study on the Clinical Characteristics of Female Patients with Fibromyalgia Syndrome Visiting a University Hospital during the Period of 2010~2014윤혜원
2021A Study on the Development Direction of Dental Hygiene's Work and Perception of Dental care program in Elementary School in Gyeonggi-do홍정인
2021A Study on the Effects of Stroke Discharge Patient Linkage Program on Nurses' Working Environment and Discharge care plan Satisfaction박자인
2013A study on the people’s perception of periodontal treatments and drugs commonly called periodontal medic신효진
2017A Study on the prevalence and incidence of impacted teeth in Korean전세정
2011According to the Presence of a Midwife Cesarean Section Rates Level in Obstetrics & Gynecology Clinic최은미
2017Agreement of diagnosing diabetes using fasting glucose and HbA1c levels김태성
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