Publication YearTitleAJOU
2018The relationship between obesity and falls in young old and old old박보경
2018Association of oral health and periodontal status due to vitamin intake of adults Korea.최세희
2018The Effect of Self-Efficacy and Stress on Dental Fear in patients이한솔
2018The Impacts of Psychosocial Work Environments on Sleep Disorder, Depressive Symptoms and Burnout of Dental hygienist김율아
2018The relationship between total calorie intake and sodium intake based on 2014 Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey(KNHANES)윤준영
2018The association between noise exposure and occupational injury: Using the fourth Korean Working Condition Survey원구연
2018Relationship between sleep duration and periodontal disease in Korean adults over Age 30. - The 6th Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2013-2015.강선영
2018The relationship between Nutrition status and Periodontal disease in Korean adult: based on The Korea national health and nutrition examination survey in 2013전주은
2018The association between Vitamin D deficiency and health behaviors정유현
2018The Association Between Dust Exposure and Occupational Skin Problems박형기
2018The association of coffee consumption and Metabolic diseases in Korean adults정혜란
2017한국의료분쟁조정중재원 개원 전후 치과 의료소송 판결문 비교분석김은정
2017The status of latent tuberculosis test and biochemical test for a person undergoing a military conscription examination송호림
2017Conventional sonography and sonoelastographic diagnostic performances in the patients of breast biopsy양은희
2017A study on planning for a second child according to employment status among married couples이은정
2017The association between Age at drinking onset and Body Mass Index and Waist circumference: The mediation effect of the amount of drinking이승미
2017Influence of DISC behavioral type on job satisfaction and turnover intention on Dental hygienist.도유정
2017Relationships of Health Literacy to Self-Management Activities in Patients with Diabetes: Empowerment as a Mediator신경숙
2017Relationship between Adolescent Obesity and Dental Caries -Using the Fifth Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey-서윤희
2017Agreement of diagnosing diabetes using fasting glucose and HbA1c levels김태성
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